Robotic Gauging System Features
  • World’s most accurate Flexible
    Measurement System
  • Certified to the ASME B89 Standards
  • Robot Independent
  • Integrated Robot and Vision Controller
  • DynaLog Termperature Calibration Solution
  • Improved Accuracy and Repeatability
  • 100% Inspection Capable
  • Cycle Time Within 2 Seconds per Feature,
    Including Robot Motion
  • Integrated Gauging Programming GUI
  • Easy System Programming
  • Fast Setup Review
  • Instant Data Collection and SPC Reports
  • In-line Remote Display Terminal
  • Integrated Reporting System CM4DTM Data
    Management, Analysis and Reporting Software
  • Inspection Programs Developed and Delivered
  • Complete System Integration
  • Project Management
  • Delmia/RobCad Reach Study
  • Complete System Programming
  • Integrated System Training
  • Complete Reporting System Customized Development
  • Fixturing and Safety systems Integration
  • Complete Set of User’s Manuals and Training Documentation