T-SCAN - The handheld lasers Scanner

The contactless, three-dimensional measurement of surface coordinates has become an important tool during the last few years for the following industry areas: product development, reverse engineering, and quality control.

Now, a significant improvement comes with the easy-to-use, handheld triangulation scanner T-SCAN. One of the most important advantages of this system lies in the fact that objects can be digitized on-site in the production area or in the laboratory without time-consuming measurement preparation. The intelligent handheld laserscanner T-SCAN can be used even by inexperienced staff. Like painting a surface with a paint-brush, the scanner is moved over the object surface and acquires a high number of 3D coordinate points. To guarantee an intuitive operation, the scanning process is displayed in real-time on the monitor.


New developments in the hardware of the T-SCAN laser scanner have made 3D data acquisition even easier and more efficient: The extremely compact and mobile system configuration is the optimum solution for applications that require enhanced mobility, e.g. in the area of automobile interiors and exteriors. By integrating the control unit for the scanner and the tracking system into a compact trolle and a notebook PC, the system is easy to transport even where space is limited.

The tracking system, in conjunction with a tripod, is also highly compact and transportable. The innovative handle of the scanner, which now also features a more light-weight design with integrated cable routing, provides for a particularly ergonomic scanning procedure; in addition, the point density and data quality of the T-SCAN system could be further increased thanks to new laser electronics.




T-SCAN - Effective and precise 3D digitizing

The scanner features a scan width of 90 mm, so even large objects can be quickly and easily digitized having the measurement data displayed in realtime during the scanning process. Thus, an intuitive operation is guaranteed. Using a laser source classified in laser class 2, no special safety precautions are necessary.

Due to a variably adjustable point density within a scan line, it is possible to capture contour lines automatically and with high accuracy. The automatic point-to-point intensity control of the laser beam ensures a high measuring accuracy even on surfaces with varying optical properties (glossy, matte, etc.) without the need of a special object preparation.

Owing to its high measuring accuracy (length error + 0.1 mm at 3 m distance to tracking system), the T-SCAN laserscanner is excellently suited for demanding tasks including the digitization of large objects and quality control applications. By the determination of defined points using a touchprobe, both the generation of a reference coordinate system and the online acquisition of polylines can easily be carried out.




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